The Basis of Everything

When talking about the totality of matter, whether that be of physical substance or significance one could very well argue that abstraction more than often follows. We as humans have this tendency to value certain objects more so than others. Sentimentality – a product of inheritance, experience, and perception, varying per individual. Yet it’s objectivity that truly guides reason, the extension to oneself.

In principle, fine art has been created to serve for aesthetic and/or intellectual purposes. But before anything takes line, form, space, and value, one needs to acknowledge the significance of the fundamentals of an oil painting.

Vanishing points are often referred to in my work. Some being less visible than others, adjusting to mood and purpose. Still, the simplest components remain constant, unattached. No matter how many lines converge, it all begins and ends with a piece of wood, the painter’s palette.

Brainstorming / Installations

Spoils of War - January 2023

Experimenting - September 2022

Under Coats To Thinking - March 2021

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As the Soul Congeals - January 2021

Labyrinths - October 2020

Encircled - July 2020

Back to Basics - February 2020

In Night Mode - December 2019

As the Soul Congeals - January 2021