About this artwork.

“At faintest whim they would impale the sun
And thus the sheep in me became the wolf in man
I am the fly that flew forth from the ark
My thoughts like insects
Whoring wounds divine
Been bored with cosmos my dear old foe
This universe has never been enough
Compelled to liberate the spring ov life
When the levee breaks gush forth o’ stream ov ice

I decompose in rapture ov hells
Dissolve divide disintegrate
I am yours
In euphoria below

I cast my halo from perdition’s clay
Behold my bliss profane
Born ov a lie
Condemned to lurk
Live in denial
Yet coiled aflame…” Behemoth – The Satanist

Oil on panel
159cm x 112cm – 53cm x 112cm per piece


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